Pre-Cast Refractory Shapes

With our two casting shops at Neath covering over 800 square metres, we are able to provide our customers with pre-cast blocks of various shapes and sizes.

  • Furnace Skid Cladding
  • Furnace Roof and Side Wall Panels
  • Hearth Kerbs
  • Tundish Furniture
  • Burner Quarls etc.

Our experienced patternmakers are able to make moulds for bespoke shapes and our metalwork shop can fabricate internal straps and fixings for the blocks.

Our highly skilled and trained on-site installers are there to follow the work through to installation. Used to working safely in heavy industry, we are able to work with our clients on often very tight programmes/schedules.

Our very experienced supervisors are able to deliver projects on time and with minimum risk to our installers and those working around us.