Refractory Casting

Refractory casting is a specialised technique employed in industries where the containment and management of high temperatures are paramount, such as in metal casting, foundries, and certain types of kilns. Unlike traditional brickwork, refractory casting involves the application of refractory materials in a liquid or semi-liquid state, allowing for the creation of custom shapes and intricate linings. This process typically utilises refractory concrete (monolithics) or a similar mixture that can be cast or molded to fit the specific contours of the equipment or structure. Refractory casting is favoured for its versatility, enabling the creation of seamless linings that conform precisely to the geometries of furnaces, ladles, and other high-temperature vessels.

Monolithic Refractories has years of experience in casting on-site walls, floors and plinths as well as linings in moveable plant for customers.

  • Insulation linings
  • Hot Face linings
  • Furnace hearths and side walls
  • Iron runner and trough covers
  • Vessel and ladle hearths
  • Tundishes
  • Using dense castables, insulating castables or low/ultra low cement castables

We don’t manufacture the dry monolithics ourselves so can offer various manufacturers products to find the best solution for your needs.