Refractory Brickwork

Refractory brickwork is a key element in the construction of high-temperature environments, particularly in industries such as metallurgy, glass manufacturing, and petrochemical processing. These specialised bricks are composed of refractory materials that can withstand extreme temperatures without losing their structural integrity. Common refractory materials include fire clay, alumina, silica, and magnesia. Refractory brickwork is designed to create linings for furnaces, kilns, and other industrial applications where intense heat is generated.

Our team of specialist refractory brick layers have mostly undertaken apprenticeships  with ourselves so are highly experienced in the work we undertake.

From furnaces and tundishes to ladles and ductwork, we are able to advise on and carry out installation of insulation and hot face firebrick linings for both large and small projects, working to very tight tolerances.

  • Firebricks
  • Insulating Fire Bricks
  • Mid-High Alumina Bricks
  • Diatomaceous Bricks
  • Magnestite and Mag-Carbon Bricks
  • With varying insulating backing lining such as Calsium Silicate, Fibre and Microporous