Refractory Spraying

Refractory spraying is an advanced application method used in industries requiring high-temperature insulation or dense monolithic linings, such as steel manufacturing, petrochemical processing, and kiln operations. This technique involves the spraying or Guniting of refractory materials onto surfaces that require protection against extreme heat. Typically, a refractory mixture, often composed of materials like high-alumina, silica, or other specialised refractory aggregates, is combined with water or a bonding agent and then sprayed onto the target area using specialised equipment. Refractory spraying is favoured for its efficiency in covering large and complex surfaces, providing a uniform and seamless protective coating.

Our installation team carry out quality and accurate spraying/gunniting of all types of monolithic refractory on varying types of plant.

Insulation, hot face and sacrificial linings on:

  • Furnace Walls
  • Boilers
  • Ladles
  • Tundishes
  • Covers and Doors
  • Slag Pits

We don’t manufacture the monolithic refractories ourselves so can offer various manufacturers products to find the best solution for your needs.